NEW Hans Niemann Chess Cheating Accusations


Either Hans Nieman is cheating or he soon will become a world top 10 player.

Human beings can be sociopathic, and humans also have a great capacity for delusional thinking.  I have met many narcissistic chess players, and these people can be extremely annoying.  I am pretty sure that narcissism is more common among chess players because competition appeals to people's egos.

This describes Nieman whose egotistical statements have turned opinions against him.  Someone like him might feel entitled to win regardless of ability.  In this case, a person could justify cheating because they think they are not getting the recognition they deserve.  He could be motivated by a desire for acclaim.

I hope Nieman is the next great chess talent, but I don't know if this is true.

If I have time, I will analyze his games from this tournament.

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