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I'm #8540 on the chess.com puzzle ratings.  I was expecting that the top ratings would not go too high, but I was wrong.   The top three ratings are all 65540, which for the reasons I give below, I suspect is the highest possible rating.

I find this 65540 number suspicious because the top three ratings are this number.  The maximum value that can be stored by a 16-bit number is 65536.   If you want to save storage space, why use a 32-bit or a 64-bit number to store ratings when a 16-bit number would do?  The 65540 number almost fits.  You can make it fit by making the lowest possible rating the number 5.  Why would you set a lower limit on the rating?  To not accidentally run into a divide by zero problem, which can crash computer code, or other mathematical oddities from having a low or negative number in your equation.

Chess Puzzle Rating

I reached a milestone on chess.com by reaching a 3000 rating for solving chess puzzles. The site's puzzle rating has little to do with real chess ratings because the puzzle ratings are comparatively inflated. I have seen average club players reach puzzle ratings of 2000 or 2100.

Nevertheless, reaching 3000 took a great deal of effort.

The site presents chess problems that have difficulty proportional to your current puzzle rating. I have reached a point where I am almost as likely to fail as I am to succeed. I find that I am not analyzing as well as I should so I am trying to make myself focus deeper. The casual puzzle solver will look for what the "trick" is in the position and make a move without thinking about it too hard. However, I can no longer just make cursory judgments.

A chess master in Salt Lake City that I know has been in the 3070 to 3100 range. I would like to catch up with him.

Best wishes,

John Coffey



Stockfish 15 vs. Stockfish 14.1

Overnight I did an engine versus engine match of 100 speed-chess (4+2) games.

There were 94 draws.

Stockfish 14.1 won 1.

Stockfish 15 won 5 with a score of 52%.  Its performance rating was 16 points better than Stockfish 14.1.  This website is claiming a 36 point improvement:  https://stockfishchess.org/blog/2022/stockfish-15/

Either way, the improvement is not very significant.

My computer seemed to hang while doing deep analysis with Stockfish 15.  I'm going to try again.  For the moment I am still using Stockfish 14.1.