The 4 WORST Chess Openings

Presented for your consideration.  Many of his opening recommendations match what I play.


I have been playing, advocating, and teaching 1. Nf3 for a long time.  It is atrocious how many times people play 1... Nc6, which might be okay if they know the Chigorin Defense, but they never do, which often gives White a winning position right out of the opening.  i.e. 1. Nf3 Nc6 2. d4 d5 3. c4 dxc4 4. d5 Nb4?? 6. Qa4+.  The move 1. Nf3 gives White the option of playing Queen Pawn or English, and after 1... c5 either 2. c4, 2. d4 or my preference of 2. e4 d6 3. c3.


Chess tactics problems on my chess lesson website

A word of caution about the tactics problems on my website: I'm looking for cheaper or free web hosting. I may have to cut back drastically on the number of web pages on my chess lesson site.

I thought that I could replace the tactics web pages with a free tactics app, but that is going to take a long time to develop.

Therefore, my tactics web pages may become temporarily unavailable starting around September or October. I have many other tactics problems on blogs that don't cost me anything, so I may just link to those instead.

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