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"Magnus has a chance against engines" - Shakhriyar Mamedyarov | Tata Steel Chess 2022

3 hours ago
did he actually say his favorite game was the one he lost? that's just a ton of class.

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3 hours ago

Berk Y
2 hours ago
Shakh is the most down-to-earth 2700 player you can see I'd say. He enjoys the challenge, playing online Blitz against Hikaru, classical against Magnus. Such a great guy.

2 hours ago
You learn more in defeat than in victory, as in that case, you can review what you did wrong and work on it. That said, yeah it's still very classy from Shakh to say that. :)


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Black to move Checkmate problem

From a game of mine around five years ago. This is not difficult. I had a little problem seeing the continuation to mate, but now I can't imagine why I found this difficult at all. It appears to me that there are at least a couple of ways to do it. Even if I didn't see the moves to the end, I still would have made the same moves at the beginning. Any decent chess player would.



Magnus Carlsen, world chess champion, plays online speed chess under pseudonyms and livestreams his matches.

In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper in October, Carlsen admits he quit drinking for his health. "I wouldn't say I was an alcoholic exactly," he said, "but I found out this year, if I'm going to travel and play a lot […] I need to prioritize differently."

It is not clear that Magnus has quit drinking.  Recent videos show him playing online and apparently drunk.