I had not seen this puzzle before. I like it. It is obviously a chess spin on Wordle, which I also like.

The goal is to guess the sequence of opening movies.


The puzzle gives you the option to guess 3 or 5 moves.  In today's puzzle, I got the 3 move sequence on the second try.  It is an opening sequence that I like to play.


Magnus Carlsen BLUFFS with Raising $100,000 When He Has 0% CHANCE to Win

Not really interested in poker, but it is interesting to see Magnus Carlsen play it and bluff.  I didn't understand why he had a zero chance of winning?  Was it because his opponent had five of a kind?


It would drive me crazy not knowing what my opponent has.  I would have to play the odds, but if I always did that then I would be predictable.

Best wishes,

John Coffey