chess.com changes to their rating system today

Earlier today I noticed that my chess.com bullet rating was 1900.  This could not be correct, and later it showed up as 1649.  However, my bullet rating had been at a record low of 1499.  Chess.com decided to add 150 points to all bullet ratings to make the average match the average of their blitz ratings.  I still think that their ratings are too low, but this is a welcome improvement.

Prior to the adjustment, my highest bullet rating was over 1700.

In addition, chess.com has decided to start counting G/10 as Rapid instead of Blitz.  This would have affected how some of the games I played tonight were rated.  I thought that the USCF considered G/10 to be Quick and not Blitz, but I was wrong.  It appears that the USCF considers G/10 to be Blitz and maybe Quick as well, although I personally think that Blitz should be considered less than 10 minutes.

Chess.com considers anything longer than 9 minutes to be "Rapid", except for "turn based" postal like games.

From what I can tell, the USCF considers 10 to 29 minutes to be "Quick".  Anything from 30 to 59 minutes was traditionally called "Action Chess", although the USCF now rates 30 to 60 minutes as dual rated both Quick and Regular.  The USCF considers anything over 59 minutes as "Regular."

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