You might find this instructive.

Trying to analyze with a computer as many of my online games that I have time for.  A few of these teach me important ideas that I missed.

In this particular position, I didn't know how to proceed and I made mostly random moves until I stumbled into a win through no fault of my own.

There was a better way to play this.  It turns out that White can follow a plan of aggressively attacking the kingside with pieces and pawns until the black position crumbles.  

In this particular game, I got more bogged down with analysis than I usually do.  In the web page above, I have placed a link to side variations below the diagram.  One of the side variations also has links to other side variations.

Regardless of how complex the analysis got, the principle of using the pieces and the pawns together to attack the king is a good one.

It is my policy to (mostly) memorize the continuations from these web pages for the winning side.  My goal is to be able to intuitively recognize similar positions in my future games.   It is my belief that if one understands sufficiently the reasons why particular moves are made, then remembering the moves is not that difficult.


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