Colle System opening

The thing about almost any opening where one plays pawn to king three (e3 as white or e6 as black), there is the problem of what to do with the Queen’s bishop.   What it takes is patience.   You know that the bishop is not going to get deployed right away, but it temporarily serves a purpose to protect the queenside, and eventually we will find a place to put that bishop, especially if later the king pawn moves again, which it often does.   Or the queen’s bishop could end up on queen knight two.


On the other hand, in the French opening it is often useful to put the Queen’s bishop on d7, mostly to get out of the way of the rook that wants to go to c8.    Sometimes that bishop will eventually make its way to b5 or a4, or more rarely it will go to e8 and if the f pawn moves then somewhere to f7, g6 or h5.


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