Letter to my students: Chess games to review.

It has been my pleasure to teach many people chess ideas mostly by showing them games of mine that I consider to be instructive.  It is also my belief that repetition is important as humans by their nature tend to forget what they have learned.  I have attempted to repeat my lessons with some people, but I have so many students whom I teach on a casual basis that repeating my lessons has become too time consuming to keep doing it.

With that in mind, it is my strong suggestion that you review the following games repeatedly on some regular basis.  Your goal should be to predict the moves that I made.  I am not asking you to memorize the entirety of these games, but to understand them well enough that most of the moves would seem natural and intuitive.  I am always available to answer questions.

I think that understanding these ideas is essential to becoming a Class A player.

http://www.entertainmentjourney.com/g0001.htm  (In this game, try to predict the white moves.)

Additional games that I wish to teach in the future...

http://www.entertainmentjourney.com/g0002.htm  (In this game, try to predict the white moves.)

Best wishes,

John Coffey


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